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Reiki with Anna

Sewing seeds of compassion through energetic healing.


"If we can greet the truth of our experience with courage, meet the shame with compassion, and the fear with understanding, we can begin to love our whole selves in a way that is impenetrable. Imagine how much space we would have to spread love to others if we could truly love ourselves exactly as we are."

In order to change, we must love ourselves enough to do something differently. But what if love is the very thing we're missing? How do we begin this process of healing and transforming if we value ourselves so little?

The answer is small, gentle steps.

In this 4-week immersive experience, Reiki Master Anna Fable (Reiki with Anna) will be a kind companion guiding you through each day, and, with meditation breaks where you determine the length of the meditation, she allows you to cultivate your own experience. She deftly uses her meditations to cover philosophy, spirituality, emotional awareness, mindfulness, and so much more. Each day, she balances a different chakra, so by the end of every week, you will have a full alignment of your entire energy body.

This is a book of transformation and self-discovery. On this path, you have to lean into the unknown, which takes a great deal of courage. But once you start down this road, you will never be the same, and you will eventually become a self, loved.


About Anna Fable

Anna Fable is a Level IV Usui Reiki master teacher, meditation coach, and writer. She’s helped hundreds of thousands of people heal themselves and learn present-moment living. She believes in the power of mindfulness, suffused with compassion and acceptance, to change not only the course of our lives but our entire world. She creates free healing sessions for the collective on her YouTube Channel,

Become a Reiki Practitioner

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Reiki Level I Attunement

Reiki Level I Attunement is a transformative course that introduces students to the ancient healing practice of Reiki. In this course, students will learn the fundamental principles and techniques of Reiki, enabling them to harness and channel universal life energy for healing purposes. Throughout the course, students will not only develop their understanding of Reiki but also cultivate their own self-healing abilities.

Reiki Level II Attunement

Reiki Level II, the second degree of Reiki training, enables you to become a Reiki Practitioner. This course delves deeper into the practice, introducing practitioners to sacred symbols, and distance healing.  Reiki Level II is a pivotal stage for practitioners seeking to embark on their path as healers. Join me for this transformative course!

Reiki Level III Attunement

Unlock your healing potential with our Reiki Level III course. In the Master Level, you'll uncover the power of new sacred symbols, including the revered Master Symbol, and delve into advanced healing techniques like psychic surgery and cord cutting that will transform your practice and your life. I'm excited to embark on this powerful journey with you! 

Student Testimonials

Anna is one of the most powerful Reiki Masters I have ever met, and I have even BEEN a Reiki master for the past 2 decades! I wanted to relearn from her with her special touch, and her magic, and nurturing energy. I highly recommend training with her, and receiving her beautiful collective healings as much as you possibly can!

Lindsey V.

So much is changing in my life due to Anna’s courses! I’m so very grateful!

Sara M.

This course has been incredible. It far surpassed any expectations I had for stepping into the healing arts. I love how thoughtfully curated each step, each word, each detail was. You really took the time to not only explain the history and practical concepts, but to expand upon all facets of healing. I am feeling a level of confidence in my own energy and sensitivities/insights that I never have before. In the past couple weeks I have noticed a deep peace that has seemed to open up within me, and I attribute it to this course - your warm guidance and the supportive energies that have been pouring forth as I've moved through this with you.

Vanessa W.

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