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Setting the Mood

Updated: May 11, 2020

Candles, Crystals and Incense

Receiving a Reiki Session is a very intimate experience. So, as a practitioner it can be very helpful for you to create a calm, peaceful ambiance in your space. I find the easiest way to tap into that is to add elements that I find relaxing.

“Play music that calms you down, light candles that you love, and you'll often find that this sense of calm is just as contagious as chaos.”

I love creating playlists that have different intentions associated with them. I have a "Self Love" Playlist, a "Release" Playlist, and a "Uplifting" Playlist. Your practice is a reflection of you, so making it personal is incredibly empowering.

Cleanse the Space

You can also play around with the vibes in your space. Have fun and get funky with it! Making it personal can create a comforting energy, as long as you're holding that space in a sacred light.

Take time to get to know your style when it comes to decor. Some people feel calm in bright, white rooms. Others feel better in dark, cozy spaces. Once you know your preferences, make sure the space is clean and tidy so that your clients don't get distracted by your own clutter.

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