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New Moon Ritual

Updated: May 11, 2020

Taking time to cultivate a ritual for yourself can be a very powerful step in your spiritual journey. Whether it's a morning sun salutation or journaling in the evenings.

“Design a life you want to live.”

New Moon Energy

During the New Moon I love conducting rituals all about planting seeds. It can be a great time to manifest, and set an intention for the month ahead.

Have you ever tried writing down your desires for the upcoming month on the eve of a New Moon? Maybe you set out a crystal grid and charge it in the Dark Moon Energy. Whatever you do, it's a great time to connect with your true self, and think about what you want from life.

Today let us honor our intuition and follow our own guide. Whether it's a New Moon when you're reading this or not, it's a beautiful practice when we can create pathways to commune with our higher self.

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